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Foto: ©Filip Van Roe



Born in 1975 in the small village Baglarbasi (Turkey) Bülent Öztürk moved to Belgium in 1995. He graduated as a master of "audiovisual arts and directing" at the prestigious film school RITS in Brussels in 2011. During his studies he realized several shorts "Tien voor Negen" , "Uitgesteld Afscheid" , "Dageraad" and the documentary film "Zaman Zaman, Talking Stones of Bakacaik".

After his studies he realized this documentary "Beklemek/Waiting" and recently in december 2012 the
short film "Houses with small windows".

He is currently working on his first feature film "Blue silence" which is planned to be shot with the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund in October 2013.